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Join the Advanced Reader Team
If you are interested in participating in the launch of Captain and the Greyhounds, this is your chance!

All you need to do is read Captain and the Greyhounds before September 10th. I will only be able to provide you with a digital copy at this point. So you don't necessarily need to read it to you children or grandchildren. I just need YOU to read it!

Then this is when you can be the most help. Amazon's algorithm is heavily influenced by the number of reviews, so we want to get as many reviews as possible on Launch Day, You just need to purchase the book on the day it officially comes out so that you an be considered a VERIFIED READER and then place your review that day.

That's it! And it can make a huge difference in how the introduction of the book goes.

If you are interested and think you can do that, fill out your email address to receive more information and a digital copy of Captain and the Greyhound!
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